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Why Money Converges to One

A brief visual explanation of why we naturally converge on a single money over time.

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"Love this! Well done" -Matthew Dellavedova (@matthewdelly)

"What generally takes a 200 page hard cover book to explain, Anil explains through a few Infographics." -Faisel Qureshi (@faisal_qrs)

"Great explanation why #Bitcoin will be the only digital money 🤯👏" -Pavol Rusnak (@pavolrusnak)

"New to Bitcoin? Read this thread before wasting your time with Crytpo" -Giacomo Zucco (@giacomozucco)

"I have learned more about money and economics from you than I did 6 years in school getting a masters degree in economics." -@DanRivera228

About the Author

Anil is an independent educator on the topic of bitcoin.

He produces content for visual learners. You can follow him on Twitter for more content like this and you can join 1,000+ readers each week as he explores a different mental model that will help you better understand bitcoin from first principles.