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FEW UNDERSTAND THIS: A Visual Guide to Bitcoin's Rise

Bitcoin is hard to understand because we've never had anything quite like it before.

It's a disruptive innovation that is set to fundamentally change how we think of, store, and communicate value. This book distills the key concepts, mental models, and use cases that help explain Bitcoin's rise to legitimacy.

Packed with helpful analogies and debunked myths, you'll get the tools needed to comprehend the seismic shift currently taking place as we accelerate into the Information Age.

The Format

This isn't your average book and neither is the format. 

It's made in a Landscape Orientation. To suit full colour pages with lots of visuals, mobile-friendly viewing, and as a teaching resource, this book's layout resembles slides you might see in a lecture or pages in a coffee table-style reference book.

It's a PDF:  I want you to be able to share individual pages with friends and family and that means using the most widely compatible file type for the most number of devices. You can view it on a kindle but please note that some elements may not be visible due to the greyscale limitations.

They are currently no plans to release a physical version. However, should this change in the future, you'll be the first to know.

Foreword graciously written by Robert Breedlove


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"Anil does a great job at explaining #Bitcoin & related concepts in a bitesized form, supported by great visualizations. If you like his twitter, you'll love his book." 


“A comprehensive and clear-minded visual overview of how to think about Bitcoin. As a fellow educator, this is one of the finest works I've ever seen!” -@FullNondeDad

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From The Author

This book represents approximately 3,000 hours of research, teaching, writing and design in an effort to best communicate Bitcoin as a concept.

Although, much of this can be found for free on my Twitter account, this is a single downloadable comprehensive collection of my most popular ideas and threads- updated & condensed. I hope you'll find it valuable as you journey deeper down the rabbit hole.