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Bitcoin Terminology: Making Sense of the Jargon

Have you ever had trouble understanding the terminology around bitcoin?

This 19-slide deck offers simplified definitions of the most important pieces that will help you make sense of the jargon.

Use these slides in your own blogs, explainer articles, and presentations. (just don't charge people for them!)




Years pass and I’m always impressed how simple u make bitcoin looking -@RD_optimistic

Whoa! That’s amazing. So simple and fundamental. -@ironwoodreserve

This has helped so much. Very simple and useful to educate new ones. -@MoheetKamat

This is one of the best explanation out there with visuals! Thank you. -@MarlinTrades

Great for beginners! I will use these slides. -@ThomasJaeger

Really enjoyed this. -@numtidumpty

Fantastic. -@CryptoJerkstore


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