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Sell products & receive donations in Bitcoin

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Sell any digital product.

  • Upload a product and start selling.
  • Choose a price in BTC or let the users decides how much to pay.
  • Any digital product, PDF, Images, Presets, eBooks, music.

Receive tips in Bitcoin.

  • Instant donations in Bitcoin via Lightning Network.
  • Users can connect with you via messages.
  • Public page to share on all your social media.
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Bitcoin Lightning Fast

Receive donations in Bitcoins from your audience instantly.

Easy to use

Your supporters can leave a message and donate just by scanning a QR code and they don’t even have to create an account.

Withdrawal to your Wallet

You can withdrawal all the Bitcoins received to your own wallet at any time, instantly and free via the Lightning Network.

Privacy First

You don’t have to share your wallet with your audience.

Supporters can donate with their names or anonymously.

Truly Global

Thanks to the global reach of Bitcoin you can receive tips from anyone anywhere.

All Inclusive

We don't charge a monthly fee. All features included.

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